City and County

Schrobenhausen is a small Bavarian town with 17,000 inhabitants. The centre of the town is in the “Paar Valley”, surrounded by the nearby foothills. The Schrobenhausen area can be described as an undulating landscape where woods, meadows and fields alternate.Schrobenhausen is in northern Upper Bavaria, about 70 kilometres north of Munich.

The river Paar

The Paar, a tributary of the Danube, has always been important for the town’s economic development as corn, oil and grinding mills were built there.

Paar Valley

Due to frequent flooding the “Paar Valley” can be extensively cultivated. Today it is one of the last natural river basins in Bavaria.


The Donaumoos is the largest low fen area in southern German and it is located only a few kilometres away from Schrobenhausen. At the end of the 18th century it was drained and settled by farmers.