In the old town of Schrobenhausen you can see a wide range of interesting sights, such as the old town centre, the town wall with several towers of which main sections have been preserved to the day, picturesque churches and four public museums.

St. James’ Church

The late-Gothic hall church from the 15th century is an important part of the Schrobenhausen skyline. The two twin attractions especially of the late Gothic building and the modern altar are worth seeing.

Museum in the Pflegschloss

Erected at the beginning of the 16th century as County Court, the building was called the “Pflegschloss”. In 2002 a public museum was opened there presenting historical and arts exhibitions.

European Asparagus Museum

The European Asparagus Museum still presents the most significant exhibition on this topic in Europe.

The Lenbach House

The museum houses a comprehensive collection of paintings and sketches done by Franz von Lenbach, one of the most famous portrait painters of the 19th century, who was born in Schrobenhausen.

The “Zeiselmair” House

The eldest well preserved craftsman’s house in Schrobenhausen was built in 1478. Today it accommodates a museum which displays living rooms and workshops of linen weavers and shoemakers including theirs traditional tools.

Schloss Sandizell

The most significant secular building in the region around Schrobenhausen is the castle (1749 - 1755) in Sandizell, which is surrounded by water.

St. Peter’s Church in Sandizell

The church was constructed between 1735 and 1772 due to a vow. The high altar is build by Egid Quirin Asam, the most famous of the Bavarian baroque master builders. The Asam Church is known as one of the most beautiful churches in southern Bavaria.