Seen from a bird’s-eye view, it looks like a green oval of old trees surrounding, the old town. The rampart divides the two ditches dug as part of the town’s fortification. Today it offers a quiet walk round the old town.


For miles around the asparagus of Schrobenhausen is known as a culinary speciality. Since 1912 asparagus has been cultivated in Schrobenhausen and today Schrobenhausen is the centre of the largest asparagusgrowing area in Bavaria.


An annual public festival which takes place in the streets of old town for the whole of the last weekend in June, offering several stands, musical performances and a varied program for children.

Martin Neugschwendtner

In 1679 the rope-making master Martin Neugschwendner from Perg came to Schrobenhausen and saved the town only 25 years later from pillage. In 1989 Schrobenhausen and Perg started twinning resulting from their common history.

The Oak of Gollingkreut

In the village Gollingkreut near Sandizell there is the oak tree of Gollingkreut. With a circumference of more than nine meters it is one of the largest trees for miles around.