Typical of old market towns, the manual workers only produced goods for the town’s inhabitants and the region around.  Earlier than in other Bavarian towns, middle-sized or large industrial companies - some still existing to the day -  arose from the small local workshops in the 19th century.

Traditional workshops

A paper manufacturing factory, which was the biggest company in Schrobenhausen at the beginning of the 20th century, arose from an old paper mill. In 1778 Carl Poellath started the production of high quality medals, uniform insignias, church souvenirs, badges etc.

Wood Industry

Due to the large woods in the Schrobenhausen area, wood processing companies grew up. The two biggest of them, the sawmill Prücklmair and a furniture-making factory do not exist any more.

Presentday Industry

The BAUER Group, the biggest company in Schrobenhausen, is one of the leading companies in specialist foundations engineering. The LEIPA turns wastepaper into magazine paper and cardboard. CARL POELLATH mints badges. Starch is produced by the SÜDSTÄRKE, whereas the XELLA manufactures aerated concrete. LFK is a German missile systems company and a subsidiary of MBDA.