The Romans had set up a military camp 'castrum tigernum' on the river Durolle. The original Celtic name 'Tiern' can be deduced from the Latin name. People began to settle the hill above the Durolle, after a church had been built there.

The Legend of St. Genès

According to legend, a farmer was looking for his oxen which had gone astray. He found them on top of the hill above the Durolle and discovered the tomb of St. Genès. Immediately after, a little church as built in that place, which was transformed into a basilica in 575; this meant the beginning of 'upper town'. The today church of St. Genès was built in the same place centuries later.

The Development of he Town

In the 10th century a fortified castle was built near the church. Consequently, craftsmen and merchants built their houses on the hill around the castle to search protection. In the 15th century the borrow was surrounded by a stone wall, little of which still exists today. The beginnings of  knife industry and of paper industry go far back into history.

Street Scene

Everyday life in the street (postcard 1920)

Coat of Arms

The coat of arms show a sailing ship under full pressure of canvas. It represents the pride of citizens exporting their goods all over the world.