Thiers offers its visitors a wide range of attractions such as an old town centre with picturesque narrow streets, historic timber framed houses from the 14th to the 17th century, interesting churches, museums, workshops showing the history of industry and a nationwide well known centre for contemporary art.

St. Genès Church

In the 11th century St. Genès Church was erected at the spot which was the former centre of Thiers. The simplicity of the building and the ornamented copula, the biggest Roman copula in the Auvergne, are especially worth seeing.

Chateau du Pirou

The timber framed house with its projecting second floor was built in 1410 for the administrator of a Duke of Bourbon. Nowadays it houses the tourist information centre.

Wooden Sculptures

There are wooden sculptures and carved works of art decorat-ing the facades of many houses in Thiers. One of the best known works of art is the “l’Homme des Bois” – “the Man of the Woods”.

Musée de la Coutellerie – Museum of Cutlery

The museum about the knife-making industry displays the development of an industrial branch which has dominated the history of Thiers since the 15th century, and an incredible variety of knives.

Vallée des Rouets - Valley of water wheels

Walking along the banks of the river Durolle, you see several small waterfalls, which were harnessed to drive stone grinding wheels used to shape and sharpen knives.

“Usine du May”

In June 2009 a museum, which shows Thiers industrial past, has opened in a factory building. It displays the history of the former factory, which was operating up to 1980, as well as the products of the present day industry in Thiers.

Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst

In einer alten Fabrik am Le Creux de L’Enfer (Höllenloch) wurde 1988 das Centre d’Art Contemporain gegründet, das Zentrum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, das Künstler von nationalem undinternationalem Rang zu Ausstellungen einlädt.