City and County

Perg is a town in Upper Austria and has approximately 7.600 residents. There you’ll find two completely different types of scenery. The North of the town is located in the Mühlviertel uplands, the foothills of the Austrian granite hills, a rolling countryside with fields, meadows and woods. The southernpart is in the lush Marchland, a large plateau at the banks of the Upper Austrian Danube.

Perg is situated in the Lower Mühlviertel, about 25 kilometres east of Linz and only a few kilometres north of the Danube.


Here you’ll find the centre of Perg, where the river Naarn, a tributary of the Danube, winds its way from its deep valley to the Marchland plateau.

The River Naarn

In earlier times mills and sawmills were powered by the river Naarn.

The Naarn Valley

The Naarn Valley is part of the European Protectorate „Natura 2000” a protected area with natural woods and retreat for scarce animals and plants.