“Perg” received its name from the “Gentlemen of Perge” who were mentioned in a document in the 11th century. In 1269 Perg received commercial privileges and at the beginning of the 14th century its own market court was mentioned in records. In the year 1969 – exactly 700 years after the attainment of the market rights – the town charter was granted to Perg by the provincial government of Upper Austria. Since 1938 the former independent municipalities of Pergkirchen and Weinzierl have been incorporated into Perg.

The town centre

After several disastrous fires only the Parish church and the “Seifensiederhaus” have been preserved to this day.


The historic town centre was marked with border or boundary stones, called "Burgfriedsteine".


Everyday life on the Herrenstraße around 1920 (postcard)

Coat of Arms

Perg bears a black “Dreiberg” with a silver unicorn on its red coat of arms. It’s not known why the unicorn was chosen as heraldic beast. Maybe a legend, which has then been forgotten over the years, is the reason.