City and County

Bridgnorth is located in the county of Shropshire, approximately 25 kilometres west of Birmingham. Bridgnorth is a town in the west of England with approximately 12,500 inhabitants. One part of Bridgnorth sits high on a sandstone cliff, whereas the other part is situated in the valley of the river Severn. In the surrounding area there are mountain chains, rolling hills and picturesque river valleys.

High and Low Town

The river Severn divides Bridgnorth in High and Low Town. There are numerous ways up and down: several sets of stone steps, the cliff railway or the steep old cartway, where goods were once hauled to the market.

The River Severn

Bridgnorth is on the river Severn, the longest river in Britain. As the river was navigable in past times, Bridgnorth had been trad-ing all over the world and thus the industry sprang up around.

Red Sandstone

High Town was built on a red sandstone cliff. Sandstone was often used to build houses in that region.