In 1101 Robert de Belesme built a fortified castle on Castle Hill; that was the beginning of Bridgnorth. Soon after, craftsmen began to settle around the castle. Very early in history, the King bestowed commercial privileges upon the town. In 1600, Bridgnorth was the second biggest town of Shropshire.


A bridge built norh of another already existing bridge across the river Severn gave the town its name. It contributed a lot to the economical development of the town.

Bridgnoth Castle

The strong castle is at the beginning of Bridgnorth. During the civil war, it was destroyed in 1646. The only remaining part is a leaning tower, the incline of which is greater than that of the leaning tower of Pisa.

High Street

View of High Street an important place or markets for centuries (postcard around 1940).


Bridgnorth received their coat of arms in 1958; they go down to an old seal and represent the old castle of Robert de Belesme with a Latin inscription – “In the town’s loyalty lies the King’s safety.”